Refund Policy

When buying anything online, the greatest fear is that if it doesn’t turn out to be useful, you will end up losing your money. Our refund policy will give you complete peace of mind. Best Class Essays want our customers to be free of this fear while purchasing papers from our company. We ensure that our clients get value for what they have paid for, in this way we are able to create trust and long term relationships. In case any of our customers is dissatisfied with the product purchased here, they have the option to demand a partial or full refund. The request for a refund can only be made within 3 days from the time the order is delivered to the customer. Your request for refund is forwarded to the Quality Assurance Department (QAD). The refund process will be completed within 10-15 days of approval by the QAD.
But such a request can only be made in the following cases;
• When the order is not delivered within the mentioned deadline
In such a case, we need some time to define the reason of the delay. Please note that it is very important to point out your expectations, clearly define the requirements, and double check your uploaded materials required for the successful completion of the task.
• The paper contains plagiarized content
Such situations will never happen, but if it ever does you will be immediately receive a full refund.
• The quality of the paper does not meet the customer’s expectations
If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with the order, you can always contact our support team and request the refund. Please keep in mind that you are able to request the refund only within 10 days after receiving your paper.
Our team works to ensure that none of the above happens and that we always give our customers a reason to smile. The vast majority of our customers are completely satisfied with our services, but we do not exclude that refunds may happen. We want to highlight that we are always interested in regulating such situations and preventing cases of dissatisfied clients.

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