Privacy Policy

Information Security
We assign high value to the privacy of our customers. We understand that it is one of the few things the customers worry about while making online transactions. That is why; we have adopted strict measures to take care of our clients’ confidentiality. We want our customers not to worry about this at all, and hence, want them to know our privacy policy in detail
The information we collect may be used for the following purposes:
• To make a personal account on Best Class Essays
• To change our site, according to users’ preferences and needs.
• To enhance offered services
• To complete transactions
• To get in touch with clients
Giving Information to Third Parties
We guarantee full protection of users’ information. We utilize necessary systems to provide 100% protection of personal data. By no means will we share personal information of our users/clients with third party individuals or organizations.

The payment transactions you make at the website are absolutely risk-free. Information related to your Credit Card that you provide here is encrypted, and therefore, is visible only to you and no one else, not even the employees of the company. For this reason, there is no chance of the information’s getting into the wrong hands. Moreover, this information is discarded as soon as the transaction has taken place.
The following Privacy Policy refers to data gathered online only. Other types of data gathered offline are not included in this Privacy Policy and our company will not bear responsibility.
Users should read the Terms and Conditions thoroughly described on this site so they may be properly informed regarding their rights.
By using our services, individuals automatically accept our policies and rules that are presented on this site.

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