Your essay is around CSR (corporate social responsibility) and commercial responsibility of a particular company owned by the government (an SOE or State Owned Enterprise)

  1. Written Report (25%)

This is the major piece of work for this course and as such, should satisfy the following criteria:

  • Demonstrate understanding of the legal/regulatory environment and relevant laws as well as economic, ethical, social/cultural, international and political issues
  • Demonstrate the ability to investigate, synthesise and analyse
  • Demonstrate understanding as to the most appropriate, efficient and effective means of managing the legal risks that arise from the circumstances
  • Clearly and convincingly communicate the findings
  • Be between 3000-4000 words

Topic: EITHER: For a selected organisation(Selected Organisation is BHP BILLITON LIMITED):

  • Summarise in about 250-500 words the characteristics/features of the organisation (you can choose a statutory/government body or select a business or not-for-profit organisation if you prefer and describe what goods/services it provides).
  • Outline any legal governance, management and relationship issues that affect the organisation as a whole (this is to link you into the lecture material) (about 250-500 words – awareness not depth is required at this stage)
  • List any general and specific legislation that is of particular importance in regulating the organisation and any relevant industry or similar bodies
  • Outline areas of high legal risk for the organisation as a whole and SELECT ONE to be the centre of your discussion and analysis
  • Explore the reasons and implications of this legal risk for the organisation both short –term and those that may arise in the long-term.
  • Identify and describe strategic options for management of this legal risk and evaluate those options in terms of cost and benefit to the organisation
  • Offer recommendations as to the most appropriate option and the rationale for those recommendations.
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